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The Sunurban Story


Sunurban Developments is a locally-owned home renovation company based in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in growing your home by adding living space in the form for basements, sunrooms, garages, and outdoor living areas like decks. We're committed to making it easy to transform your property into your pride and joy.

Calgary, Alberta

Our Work

Our Team

Brandon Richards

Founder and President

Brandon is the founder and driving force behind Sunurban Developments. While always maintaining high expectations, Brandon has always been extremely positive, encouraging, and team oriented. He expects the best from his team and shares that same expectation for the outcome of every project we deliver. Prior to committing to entrepreneurship full time with Sunurban Developments, his background included 15 years of residential, commercial, and heavy civil construction across Alberta and BC. Throughout that time, Brandon managed various operations from projects in multi-family residential construction to forestry and mining.

Artur Lakomyi

Finance and Business Development

Artur has become a vital asset to this company. Artur Started as a helping hand on the tools on site for different projects as he was new to Canada from Ukraine. He quickly distinguished himself with his great work ethic, positive attitude and commitment to quality. With a formal education in accounting, Artur has been invaluable for our office with bookkeeping and business analysis. He has created spreadsheets and calculators for quoting projects, materials lists to simplify the purchasing process, and cash flow charts to track the bottom line.

Drew Gale

Construction Operations

Framing is the fundamental piece of all our construction projects. Drew has framed some of the most beautiful homes from Alberta to Saskatchewan. His skilled ability and speed in framing have improved our quality and increased productivity on a lot of our projects. Aside from framing, Drew is one of those people who is always thinking about the next 2 or 3 steps. With that outlook he is great to have on site overseeing projects and making sure that nothing is overlooked. His attention to detail and desire to exceed expectations makes clients extremely happy and ensures Sunurban lives up to its name and reputation.

Robert Pantalone

Technology and Communications

Robert brings his focus on technology and communication to help provide Sunurban Development’s clients a smooth renovation experience from their first click until their final sign off. He develops the tools that provide our projects with the high level of accuracy that Calgarians have come to expect. His goal is to ensure that your experience with home renovation is one you’ll remember for how easy it was.
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